hello, hello

I'm Jade

I'm a photographer and director
based in london

Also me

I Love Cycling, Skateboarding, White Russians and Kinder Bon-Bons.

Learning to code, playing team sports, craft brews, dance _ techno, reading Reddit and trying my best to have a positive, mental diet.

Addicted to learning new things with an even bigger addiction for discovering the latest tech.

So I suppose a lover of photography, innovation, creativity and anything fairly nerdy.

happy to shoot anything, anywhere

you'll often see me ruining my knees and clothes for the Pic

portrait of britain shortlist 2019

fujifilm's top new photographers to follow IWD2021

why do i shoot?

because i absoubtely love it but..

I’m inspired by the traditional and classic style of photography and I love combining storytelling with capturing the candid moment of the beautiful in-between.

Blending photography, film and art into visual new narratives I like to create work that feels authentic, where the output leads to an emotion of the subject or the observer. 


who have i worked for so far?

so i'm Trusted by Brands..but what can I do?


with over 10 years Shooting experience in both Digital and Film, I have worked with various brands  and clients shooting portraits, editorials, look books, product shots and way more snazzy pics.


combining my photographic style, lighting technical and communication skills i’m avaliable as a director. 

quick at building shot lists and directing ideas from brief to final film. I love working with my network of DOPS. 

 I can direct fashion film, brand film, shorts and music video. 

lighting Direction

Having spent the last 5 years photo assisting alongside various freelance jobs in studios and production.

 I have developed a strong knowledge of technical lighting.

 Combining my natural eye with natural light and the artificial, (flash and COntinous) i can shoot and direct light creatively. 


bringing my skills over from photography into filmmaking i have been shooting video creatively for brands social media channels with fashion films to sit next to stills.

Clients i have shot social videos for include puma, kurt geiger, canoe, mastini productions, carvela. You can see more of my film work on my vimeo


be free to pitch me as a freelance video editor.

I have experience editing fast turnovers for creative videos for brands and social media channels.

Clients i have edited videos for include puma, dickies, mlh, kurt geiger, canoe, mastini productions, carvela, Avant Garde, Numero.

confident with adobe premier pro, after effects and more recently davinchi resolve.

sound good?

request a pdf portfolio or query on any of the above by
reaching out below

enquiring is easy

good to go