Jade is a Director , Editor and Photographer

Jade brings a unique perspective to their work as a film director, photographer, and editor.

With a love of bringing their creative vision to life they try to tell compelling stories through their eye as a photographer additionally with a background in editing this has given Jade a keen eye for detail, composition and a love of capturing authentic moments as a director.

Prizes + Awards:

*Shiny Awards Shortlisted New Directors Talents 2022
*Fujifilm IWD2020 Top Talents to Follow
* Published Shortlist for the British Portrait Award (BJP) 2019
*Fujifilm Student Photographer of the Year (Curators Choice Award) Winner 2013
*People of Print New Talent Graduates 2013 Picks

Previous Work & Publications

Adidas, Kappa, Timberland, Agent Provocateur, Converse, Puma, Ebay, Flannels,
Numero Berlin, Rain, BoysbyGirls, Notion, The Independent, Amateur Photographer

Jade brings a natural energy on set dedicated to telling stories that captivate and create work that is emotive but powerful and playful through community, sports and diverse and LGBTQI+ led storytelling.

Available for Direction, Photography and Editing work: